How to get free bitcoins by just playing games.

Free bitcoins

  Everyone loves playing games all the time, some just play when they get bored and some don't even play at all. So we just keep playing this games with excitement without knowing that are other games that pays just to do the exact same thing. With this games, you can be  doing your heart desires and be getting paid for it, awesome right?.
This games are easy and even fun to play, the more you win, your satoshis or litoshis keep increasing, all you just have to do is play these games few hours everyday and you will earning some little money.  Below  are some lists of apps that pays their users in Crypto:

1.  CryptoWord: This is a crossword/puzzle game that pays in Bitcoin (but in it's lowest form known as Satoshi).
Free Bitcoins without mining
Once this app is launched on your device, you will need to tap the wallet button and add your coinbase email, this will enable your payments to be sent to your coinbase wallet and successfully adding your email, you will receive a bonus. 145 points = 1 Satoshi and the minimum withdrawal is 100satoshi and withdrawal are done every three days.
How to Play
All you have to do is tap or slide the linking letters to form a word, points are given when you form a word and those points depends on on how long the word is. For instance, 3 letter words = 45 points, 3 letter words = 80 points and so on. 

2.  Photon Poker: This is a poker/solitaire game that pays in Litecoin. After installing app, you would add your coinbase email and get a bonus just like CryptoWord but the only difference is the gameplay.
Bitcoins without mining
How to Play
Place cards to make pairs straight, flush and full house.

3.  POP-STELLAR: This is a Sudoku/puzzle game and it pays in Stellar Lumen (XLM). Add you coinbase email after installation and start earning XLM. The minimum withdrawal is 1XLM and could only be done every three days,after getting your payment in your coinbase wallet, you can later exchange your XLM for Bitcoin or Litecoin in the cryptocurrency market.
How to Play 
  Tap two or more blocks of the same color, the more you tap, the more your points increases. Each stage has a target limit but I advise you should always finish each stage till the end cause there will be lots of bonuses for that. 

4. Photon Pong: This app pays in litecoin and is exactly the same process with Photon Poker, the only difference is the gameplay so I'll just skip to how you can play this game.
How to Play
  All you need to do is bounce the ball by tilting your phone to spin the circle gates, you will earn 1litoshi each time you bounce off a ball. While trying that you should also attempt to eat a dot because after eating a dot 10 litoshis will be added to your account
As you can see above there are five apps and all made by one developer "Vweeter Limited", these apps contains no ads. All you have to do is install, play and claim your rewards.

  What are the minimum requirements?
All you need to be able to earn from these apps are:

  • Probably an Android or iOS device.
  • WiFi or Data connection 
  • Coinbase wallet ( you can sign up via this link)
Payments are only made through coinbase email, once you have successfully link your coinbase email with any of these apps, you will first receive a gift for sign up, just like the screenshot below.
How to make free litecoin
My payment proof - This is just a sign-up bonus

If you still have any questions regarding any part of these article, you can comment below and I will help you, Have a nice day!.


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