The History and Origin of English Language in Nigeria

  This language belongs to the western branch of the Germany branch of the Indo-European family of language. The Indo-European homeland was located somewhere within northern Europe and southern Russia. The history of the language can be traced back to the arrival of three germanic tribes during the 5th Century AD. Those tribes are the Anglos, the Jutes, the gaxons who crossed the north sea which is present day Denmark and northern northern Germany.
   Therefore, English was an immigrant language to Britain where it developed and spread to the other parts of the world. The history of the English Language did not begin on the continent where English speakers once lived but in the British isles where they finally settled. Algeo and Pyles ( 2004 P.Co) claimed that during the period when the language was spoken in Europe, it was knowned as pre-old English, for it was only after the English separated themselves from their germanic cousin that would recognize their speech as a distinct language and begin to have records of it. 

          Britain Before the English

 In Bede's account, the English arrived in Britain from the continent in the fifth century to discover that Celtic speaking people who have leaved before Julius Ceaser's invasion in the Ireland in (55BC)  already inhabited the island. But most of the Celtic speakers were pushed West and north by the Invaders mainly into what is how Wales, Scotland and Ireland.      The  Anglos came from England and Englic, from which the word England and English were derived respectively. 
History had that the Roman occupation under Emperor Clarius in AD 43 made pretania a part of Roman empire. This accounts for the many Roman relies in modern England.  Despite the length of the Roman occupation, British Celts continued to speak to their language.
     It was when Britain became England that the survivor of British Celtic was seriously threatened. It was when the pites and the Scotts and the Scators a ferocious German Viking had been a husant to Roman soldier during the half of the country.

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