How to make an Android App without coding in 5 minutes | SKETCHWARE 2020

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Making an an Android application is not something you should be scared of, I too was scared when I heard all the steps involved in making an application no matter the type and I had less knowledge of java. Then I started making research on how I can make an Android app for free with my mobile phone, then luckily I found a way that I will be sharing with you.

 What Android application can I use to make an Android app for free without coding ?
  A simple mobile app you can use to make a mobile app is known as Sketchware.
This app was released last year and made a lot of installs in the Google play store. It was developed by some genius Chinese teenagers who thought people might have an urge to make an Android app without stress, well, they are right I guess :)
     There is a lot of things you can make Sketchware, you can a make in Game with Sketchware, how to make a chat app with Sketchware... Hell yeah, you can do all that with Sketchware. I made a calculator app with Sketchware in a day, cool right?

Is Sketchware free to use? 
  Sketchware is free for everybody to use but u need to pay a little token to use some premium features. If you don't have money to pay, you can just watch a Short video Ad to temporarily unlock that feature.
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What programming language is used to develop apps in Sketchware?
  The best feature of Sketchware is that you don't need any programming knowledge to use it unlike Android studio and the rest, You can easily develop an app using blocks.

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Can I publish any app I developed using Sketchware to Google Play Store? 
  Big Yes, there is a button in Sketchware app that helps you publish your signed apps directly to Google play store.  You just need to do some API settings to link your Play Store console to Sketchware, then, you are good to go.

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Easily publish your Apps to play store

    So what are you still waiting for, download Sketchware through this link and become an Android developer, good enough you can implement your Admin Ads in your Sketchware project and start earning money.
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